Programming and fitness

In my lifetime I feel like I'm pretty typical in that I've had periods where I get into good shape, sometimes into really good shape. After a while I then swing back the other way and get into...not so good shape. My worst was around 2011 when I fell into a pretty bad routine of eating really poorly (lots of bad snacks, poor breakfasts, etc) and drinking regularly. Not like alcoholic levels of drinking, but just consistent beer drinking (like 1-2 a night). I then hit a point where something snapped and I finally said enough was enough. I'm only 5' 10", but I was around 195 pounds and steadily increasing. This was even while doing the occasional marathon (not fast mind you) and other various activities. Anyway, that spring I started doing P90X and taking my eating and drinking habits seriously. Over the course of 6 months I managed to lose nearly 30 pounds, and have been able to keep a consistent weight around 170 since then, even with having our son born in early 2014. There's still swings of course, but I've managed to keep them smaller and easier to manage.

The reason I'm writing this is because in Sep of 2012 I started using RunKeeper to track my workouts as a way to help keep me motivated. I just recently broke the 2,400 miles and 300,000 calorie mark for how many I've burned during workouts:

So I guess this is a small acknowledgement for myself to help keep me motivated. Here's hoping to another 300,000 in a couple more years :)

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