Just a quick update

Hey everyone. You might have noticed that I haven't posted anything new for several weeks. This is mostly caused by two things:

  1. I'm waiting for Angular 2 to stabilize
  2. I've started doing some paid work on the side that is taking most of my free time
Angular 2

Like many of you I've been a bit frustrated with what's happened with the Angular "release candidate" process. I can appreciate the desire to create the product they think needs to be created, but I'm one of those people who jumped in when they said I should, and am now feeling a bit burnt by it all. I have several examples I've written over the past few months that are out of date, and I just don't have the time to go update them all right now. I still feel strongly that it will be a solid platform that you can build on for years to come, but I'm not investing more time writing blog posts until it's ready.

Side work :)

Now, I have a full-time job that takes most of my time, and I'm a husband and father so that takes up much of the rest (which I love so don't think I'm complaining!). Lately I've had the chance to start consulting on the side with MillerCoors as well, so that has been an exciting development for me professionally. Unfortunately for my experiment with blogging, it means I don't have the time I once did to write blog posts. I'm hopeful that will change as my consulting work evolves, and I figure out a working balance, but things will remain slow here for a little while yet.

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