How to: Download multiple photos from the gallery

When building the current version of I wanted to really focus on helping those who use it to do what they wanted to do. I spend a lot of time taking and processing photos, and have always tried to keep the best ones available on the site. One thing my family often does is pull the photos into a 3rd party site like Shutterfly or Snapfish to use in books or just to print. In the past I never built a good way to download photos outside of viewing each one and clicking some sort of link to download the full-size version. To make that easier I added a feature that lets you mark the photos you want to download, and then download them as a single zip file. This post describes how to use of this feature.

Getting started

To provide some context, here's an example of what the photo gallery looks like when first loaded:

You can see a link in the upper right called Downloads, and clicking that will show you what photos you currently have marked to download. At the moment I don't have any photos selected, so clicking that will show me the following:

Ok great, so now how do we actually add some photos? Well, we have two ways to do that.

Add from the album page

When viewing an album each photo is presented as a card with the image and some additional information and links below. Here's a brief description of what the card shows:

So to add a photo just click on the icon with the + symbol on it. When you do that you should see the number of photos selected increase in the download link too:

Add from the photo page

The other option is to add the photo directly from the photo page. To do this simply click the Add To Downloads link in the right side of the page. Once the photo has been added you should see the number of photos go up by one.

Downloading your selected photos

Ok, so once you have a set of photos you like it's time to download them. To do this click on the Downloads link to see what photos you've selected. On this page you can see what you've selected, remove individual photos, or quickly remove them all. To download the photos simply click the Download Now button, and wait a little bit for your zip file to get created. The page will give you the progress, but it might take 30 seconds or so the file to get started. Once the process has started you can easily cancel it by clicking the Cancel button too.

Here's an example where I removed the initial processing time just to show what you will see once the file is being created for you:

With that you can head over and check out some photos, or manage your own downloads now.

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